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Titanium enriched ilmenite residue, its application and ...

Titanium enriched ilmenite residue, its application and ...

OF AND IRON FROM WITH FLUOSILICIC ACID By Dennis A. Hansen,1 Davis E. Traut,2 and G. Tim Fisher 11 3 ABSTRACT As part of a U.S. Bureau of Mines program to develop a more continuous metal process that uses domestic resources, a study was made to determine the of Ti and

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  • Extraction of helium-3 gas from ilmenite ore utilizing

    He-3 can be from ore at a temperature of between about 200 degrees Celsius and 1000 degrees Celsius. It is believed that by direct solar radiation, enhanced by the solar collectors 50, is best accomplished at a temperature somewhere between these extremes, for example, at about 700 degrees Celsius. The solar radiation of He-3 from dioxide which may also be previously refined from the raw

  • in the Presence of Iron

    Traditional techniques that may be used to metals like iron, , and aluminum from planetary rocks have large and/or hardware that may not always be feasible. In this study, we performed biotic and abiotic leaching experiments with basalt and FeTiO3 to determine whether bacteria increased elemental

  • Pilot-Scale Demonstration of Ilmenite Processing Technology

    titanium. When the to 80% passing 37 microns, a of 89% for iron and 88% for was achieved. The re-grind was estimated to consume 5.8 kWh per ton therefore, total grinding consumption was estimated at 26.9 kWh per ton. Estimated time was four hours

  • other impurities in

     · To effectively utilize and recycle KOH solution, the other associated by highly concentrated KOH solution were studied. Experiments on the behaviours of as well as other associated impurities of such as iron, silicon, calcium, and aluminium were carried out

  • Production of titanium tetrachloride TiCl from titanium

    The mineral ores are widely dispersed in different parts of the world. The two main ores of include rutile TiO 2 and FeO.TiO 2. It is aimed to provide the readers

  • Uranium Energy Corporation: Alto Paraná

    dioxide feedstock, of which forms the main source represents an estimated US$2 billion per annum industry. ... ideal for intense metallurgical mineral . ... for both coal and were well within the calculated requirement


    mines and resources mines branch ottawa methods for the analysis of , -bearing slags and other furnace slags part iv a. the complexometric determination of aluminum in , titaniferous slags, and iron ores a. hitchen

  • Dissolution from Indonesian

    decomposed ilmenite were dissolve into 75 % sulfuric acid solutions at dissolution temperature 125 o C and dissolution time 2 hours. From the kinetical study, the titanium dissolution from decomposed ilmenite follows the diffusion control model, with activated energy 59 Kj/mole

  • Titanium Metal: Extraction to Application | Request PDF

     · The iron and occur as a mixture of magnetite Fe3O4 and FeTiO3 with vanadium oxide usually occurring within the solid solution of the -bearing magnetite phase

  • Extractive Metallurgy of Titanium | ScienceDirect

    Natural rutile was the feedstock of choice at the early years of the Kroll process, but nowadays it comes in limited supply. dioxide slags are produced by reduction smelting of in arc furnaces. The slag grade sulfate or chloride depends essentially on the quality of the ore or concentrate fed to the slag furnaces

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