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Conflict and Blood Diamond Facts | Brilliant Earth

Conflict and Blood Diamond Facts | Brilliant Earth

Australian miners back supply of minerals as illegal in Africa impacts gorilla habitat ... fighting conflict minerals is very complex but one way of dealing with the is to put

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  • Digging for Ethical Gems | Green America

    of colored gemstones, such as rubies and emeralds, is generally done on a smaller scale than diamond , but still holds risks. According to the International Labour Organization ILO, many small-scale miners are unable to invest in the tools and equipment that could prevent accidents

  • A dream deferred: Ethical gold in North America

    A small-scale in Tanzania, aiming to achieve Fairtrade certification. Photo by Marc Choyt. In the U.S., however, recycled is the foundation of jewellers—a narrative that began in 2007 and was pioneered by Hoover and Strong’s ‘Harmony’ line

  • Ethical and Empirical Issues Concerning Conditional

    In their discussion of associated with treatment of lead poisoning in Nigeria, Wurr and Cooney ask whether Medicins sans Frontieres MSF should make community implementation of safe practices a condition of provision of chelation therapy in at-risk villages

  • On the Ethical and Legal Implications of Data Mining

    Logan / Nathan / Coast Campuses Griffith University, Brisbane 4111, Queensland, Australia. Abstract must be a condition of the world, like logic. Ludwig Wittgenstein, 1889-1951. The development of data is presenting sig-nificant and social that must be ad-dressed if the new technology is to widely accepted

  • Can mining ever be seen as an ethical investment? | Shares

    Since 2001 the Shares Awards have recognised the high quality of service and products from companies in the world of retail investment as voted for by Shares readers

  • Ethics, surface mining and the environment - ScienceDirect

     · Finally, reasons for adopting an ethical stance in mining are set out and evaluated. Human endeavour moves more material on the surface of the Earth each year than the ice sheets of the last ice age Hooke, 1995. Not all of it results from mining but that is the prime reason for such prodigious effort

  • Good as gold not good enough: New labels promote ethical

     · A jeweler processes in an - jewelry workshop in Paris on Feb. 18. | AFP-JIJI Business Good as not good New labels promote metal

  • Artisanal mining

    Artisanal can include activities as simple as panning for in rivers, to as complex as development of underground workings and small-scale processing plants. In any of these circumstances, can stem from difficulties in achieving regulatory oversight of a large number of small operations including such as security of land tenure for artisanal miners, to

  • Compassionate Gold: Sustainable Gold Mining to Empower

    in many parts of the world is rife with social and environmental such as child labor, exploitation, use of toxic chemicals and pollution. Compassionate advocates for sustainable to uplift the lives of communities in the Philippines and help pave the path out of poverty

  • As good as ethical gold | Financial Times

    Brands purchase in kilos from the mines, and each initiative adds a premium that is applied pro rata: Fairmined costs up to an additional $4,000 per kilo. Fairtrade adds $2,000

  • Is It Ethical to Invest in Mining? - Blog

     · Consider, for example, lithium . Stockhead, in discussing the of investing in the industry, reminds us that, “Lithium

  • Mining Ethics and Sustainability Papers from the World

    the social, environmental and and challenges that are now central to operations worldwide. This collection of articles reflects the main topics addressed in the “ , and Sustainability” program stream. The Editors Nicolae Irinais National Contact Canada and Research Assistant at

  • The Missing Ethics of Mining | Ethics & International

    Without arable land the people faced famine—until they discovered . Instead of a disaster area, Essakane transformed into a commercial oasis: a town of 10,000 miners and traders where is processed and exchanged for food, cloth, spices, and animals

  • Ethical issues in web data mining | SpringerLink

    Web refers to the whole of data miningand related techniques that are used toautomatically discover and extract informationfrom web documents and services. When used in abusiness context and applied to some type ofpersonal data, it helps companies to builddetailed customer profiles, and gain marketingintelligence. Web does, however, pose athreat to some important values

  • Ethical Gold vs Recycled Gold — Enji Studio Jewelry

     · Ethical Gold can have various names such as Fairtrade, and Fair-mined. Ethical gold is used to describe the conditions of the mining process and the treatment of their workers. Such regulations include but are not limited to. no informal economy no illegal operations no environmentally unsound practices good labor conditions no gender inequality

  • Dirty Gold The Negative ... - Green Planet Ethics

    Dirty The Negative Environmental Impact Mines, and the term dirty is derived from that is mined with a negative environmental impact and deemed unsustainable. Unfortunately, is one of the dirtiest metals to , requiring large amounts of toxic chemicals and generating tons of

  • Aladdin Separation Technologies : Ethics of Mining Gold

    of : The Social and Environmental Impacts This is only a small portion of the arduous process. One of the worst byproducts of this method are heavy metals which are incredibly dangerous to all living creatures

  • Ethical Gold Mining: Everything You Need to Know | Who

     · There are some topics that are more specific and can easily fly under the radar: like understanding the repercussions of decades of you can read more about this issue here or that inhumane and entirely unethical gold mining is still a scarily normal practice

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