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CN105803155A   Dephosphorization method for electric arc ...

CN105803155A Dephosphorization method for electric arc ...

 · The results confirmed high productivity or a higher rate of dephosphorzation achievable with an increased rate of oxygen blowing and the addition of . Because of the dephosphorization by low‐basicity slag and the hot recycling of decarburizationslag to dephosphorize the next charge, lime consumption was relatively low

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  • PDF Dephosphorization strategies and modeling in oxygen

    The removal of phosphorus from the furnace charge is a well understood process today and is described by using the phosphorus partition ration between metal and slag Lp = %P2O5/ [%P]. The L p

  • US5385599A - Agent for desulfurization, dephosphorization

    Information Disclosure Statement. In recent decades, many proposals for the desulfurization and dephosphorization of iron melts, chromium and manganese melts have been described in the literature

  • Solid State Desulphurization of Iron Ore and Empirical

    using bacteria, giving a yield of above 80% within 30-45 days. In countries having high phosphorus- , the highlighted dephosphorization process is capable of providing a reliable technical support giving good dephosphorization at low


    With the depletion of high-grade and low phosphorus reserves, the extensive goethite ores containing high phosphorus become more attractive. However, there is a lack of effective and economic technologies for removing phosphorus from goethite . The current utilization of goethite to date has been to, first reducing the phosphorus to low of a level as practical by mineral

  • Strengthening iron enrichment and dephosphorization of

    Abstract: The efficient development and utilization of high-phosphorus oolitic hematite is of great strategic significance for the sustainable supply of - resources in China.In this paper, the mechanism of high-temperature pretreatment for enhancing the effect of enrichment and dephosphorization in the magnetization roasting–leaching process was studied by X-ray diffraction

  • Investigation into Melting Characteristics of Hydrogen

    Refining capabilities of this slag, such as dephosphorization power, are investigated in a lab-scale vertical furnace. Understanding the initial slag and the reactions taking place when hydrogen-reduced pellets melt is important for future optimization of ingoing raw

  • Upgrading and dephosphorization of Western Australian iron

    The technology of direct reduction by adding sodium carbonate Na 2 CO 3 and magnetic separation was developed to treat Western Australian high phosphorus . The and reduced product were investigated by optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. It is found that phosphorus exists within limonite in the form of solid solution, which cannot be removed through

  • Phosphorus Control in DRI-EAF Steelmaking: Thermodynamics

    Flexibility in raw materials, the lower natural gas prices, and the increased use of nonconventional Electric Arc Furnace EAF steelmaking using up to 100% Direct Reduced DRI have prompted a renewed interest in better control of phosphorus. and DRI have higher phosphorus and silica compared to scrap. Although significant work has been done on understanding the partitioning of

  • A hydrometallurgical process for the dephosphorization of

    A process is proposed for the dephosphorization of iron ore. is extracted by isoamyl

  • Technical Report Improvement in Hot-Metal Dephosphorization

    Dephosphorization tests were carried out using a commercially operating converter of Nagoya Works equipped with bottom blow-ing facilities for powder injection.23, 24 Burnt lime, , and flu-orspar were added to approximately 110 t of molten pig , and the amount of top blown oxygen was changed. Either lime stone or

  • Iron & Steel | PT Yokogawa Indonesia

    Making Applications. Yokogawa helps leading-edge and Steel plants through automation solutions that enable plant-wide integration and lifecycle optimization. Here is a quick list of Making units and applications for which Yokogawa has a global network of experts at your service, providing comprehensive automation solutions. Raw

  • Removal of Phosphorus from High Phosphorus Iron Ores in

    In the process of resource utilization of high phosphorus ores, phosphorus should be removed first. Compared to other dephosphorization methods, selective leaching with acid has special advantages such as high dephosphorization ratio, low loss and so on. However, a large amount of acidic wastewater containing phosphorus was produced after acid leaching

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