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Taranaki seabed mining looks likely |

Taranaki seabed mining looks likely |

Since many ports were not able to cater with the spurt in demand for coal and ore world wide, transshipment became the only answer. Up-to-date transshipment facilities employ more than one crane on the pontoon and a complex cargo handling system consisting of hoppers, conveyors and ship loader. Three examples show how it is done

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  • Migrant crisis. Ken Cuccinelli DHS – Garner Ted

    The mayor of the border city of Yuma, Arizona has withdrawn his city’s state of emergency that was declared in response to this year’s migrant crisis at the southern border — saying that the crisis has diminished in recent months

  • Trans-Tasman Resources’ application to mine iron sand off

     · New Zealand’s Environmental Protection Authority EPA has approved Trans-Tasman Resources’ TTR’s marine consent to recover and export sands in the South Taranaki Bight STB. The decision is the first approval for a mining proposal in New Zealand’s extensive exclusive economic zone under the EEZ Act 2012

  • Mining Seabed Iron Sands: What would Pope Francis do

    Mining Seabed Sands: What would Pope Francis do ? On 17 April TV3’s 3 rd Degree reported on the sands exploration programme of Trans Tasman Resources Ltd TTR off the Taranaki Coast.1 TTR hopes to have a mining permit by the end of 2014, and plans to dredge and ship

  • Sand management solution optimizes separator ... - Offshore

    The desander incorporates a wash system to quickly and effectively treat produced solids for discharge overboard. The system cleans the removed from the production to less than 1% oil-on- content, within guidelines of the Department of Energy and Climate Change in the UK and Environmental Protection Agency in the United States, so that it can be disposed overboard

  • Trans-Tasman Resources Limited - Taranaki Chamber

    TTRL has lodged an application for marine consents and marine discharge consents to extract and within the South Taranaki Bight. The application area covers 65.76 square kilometres km2 of seabed between 22-36 kilometres in waters between 20-42 metres deep. TTRL propose to extract and export up

  • Too many gaps in TTRs proposal, say opponents

     · TTR needs a marine consent to vacuum from a 65.76 square kilometre section of the South Taranaki Bight seabed. The company wants to vacuum 50 million tonnes of

  • Trans-Tasman Resources lodges EPA ... - Offshore Iron Ore

    TTR proposes to seabed mine up to 50 million tonnes of iron rich sands per year in NZ’s xclusive Economic E Zone, approximately 22 to 36 kilometres off the coast of Patea in water depths of 20 to 45 metres. The operation when in full productionwill produce 5 million tonnes pa of

  • Appeals on points of law in complex iron sand mining

     · The decision, released on Thursday, gives TTR permission to dredge up to 50 million tonnes a year of from a 66 square kilometre area off Patea

  • Sand Erosion « Ceresist, Inc

    An oil platform could not get more than two to four weeks’ service out of their crude oil cyclones and piping. This was a major concern for the operation that would have to routinely replace the system every month. The stream is predominantly crude oil with high level of content, and small percentage of wax and water

  • TTR’s Marine Consent to Recover and ... - Offshore Iron Ore

    10 August 2017. TTR’s Marine Consent to in STB Approved. We welcome the Decision Making Committee’s DMC decision today to approve our Marine Consent to recover and export iron offshore in the South Taranaki Bight STB. The Environmental Protection Authority’s EPA DMC decision is first approval for a mining the proposal in New Zealand’s extensive offshore

  • Projects - Trans-Tasman Resources - Offshore Iron Ore | TTR

    Westland Sands. TTR has applied to New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals for a 4,436km 2 along the West Coast of the South Island. Our exploration activities will focus on developing offshore mineable resources of iron-rich mineral sands

  • Iron sand miner wins right to appeal court decision

     · The 66 square kilometres off the South Taranaki coast where Resources have applied to mine ore. plan to extract vanadium-rich titomagnetic

  • New Zealand May Kick Start Race To Mine The ... - Coastal Care

     · “ Mining Decision Expected, New Zealand”, Stuff Environment New Zealand Ocean ironsands mining decision due tomorrow, The New Zealand Herald Backed by Australian, American and New Zealand investors, TTR intends to raise as much as US$550 million in debt and equity to fund the project, which would vacuum up -rich seafloor sands

  • The ASIA Miner - Trans-Tasman marine consent rejected

  • Offshore iron sand extraction in New Zealand: Potential

     · To source iron sand from STB, TTR proposes to extract ~50 million tonnes per year of seafloor sediment from a permitted area of approximately 66 km 2, located 22–33 km offshore in waters between 20 and 42 m deep, with a 450-t remotely controlled and a floating metallurgical plant—a 345 m-long vessel for the recovery and processing of The crawler

  • Eco effects of ironsand mining uncertain - 9Finance

    TransTasman Resources TTR is seeking a marine consent under new law governing New Zealands exclusive economic zone to suck sands rich in ore from the ocean floor between 22 and 36

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