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The ore that contains both iron and copper is:

The ore that contains both iron and copper is:

and is: 1 malachite 2 dolomite 3 azurite 4 pyrites please ans it fast and also please tell the formulae o

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  • iron ore and copper plant japan

    and plant japan. concentrate about and the same percentage of sulfur content, but it also a small amount of precious metals, such as gold and silver, all of which are collected in addition, in the toyo plant, we use gold yielded from our hishikari mine kagoshima prefecture as solvent silica for refining

  • The 10 Biggest Copper Stocks | The Motley Fool

    While BHP is a top producer, its biggest moneymaker is . In 2018, that metal contributed 39% of the groups underlying EBITDA , followed by at 28%, coal at 19%, and oil and

  • How much metal does the ore contain? « World Ocean Review

    In many cases these are not present as pure metal, but in the form of compounds which the metal sought and a range of other chemical elements. One example is . does not pure , but either a -sulphur- compound chalcopyrite or a -sulphur compound chalcocite

  • Which of the following ore contains both Copper and Iron

    CuFeS 2 is the ore contains both copper and iron

  • JEE-MA - Which ore contains both iron and copper? - Nthexam

    JEE-MA - Which ?

  • The ore which contains copper and iron both is

    The ore which contains copper and iron both is. ... Which ? camera. Ask your next doubt. Get Physics, Chemistry, Biology, 

  • Paper 3 Extended October/November 2006

    6 An of is the mineral, chalcopyrite. This is a mixed sulphide of and . a Analysis of a sample of this shows that 13.80 g of contained 4.80 g of , 4.20 g of and the rest sulphur. Complete the table and calculate the empirical formula of chalcopyrite. sulphur

  • The ore that contains both iron and copper is :1 malachite 2 dol

    is :1 malachite 2 dolomite 3 azurite 4 copper pyrites. Answer : Correct option 4 copper pyritesExplanation:Copper 

  • Which ore contains both iron and copper? - Toppr

    Click here to get an answer to your question ✍️ Which ?

  • Crystal Precautions, A List of Potentially Toxic Minerals

    Chalcopyrite Peacock Stone, Peacock - a sulfide mineral Chrysocolla - a silicate Cinnabar - this is where mercury comes from Conichalcite - and arsenic - Has been linked to cirrhosis of the liver and Alzheimers Disease, among other things Covellite - a sulfide mineral Cuprite

  • Copper sulfide - Wikipedia

    sulfides describe a family of chemical compounds and minerals with the formula Cu x S y. minerals and synthetic materials comprise these compounds. Some sulfides are economically important ores.. Prominent sulfide minerals include Cu 2 S and CuS .In the mining industry, the minerals bornite or chalcopyrite, which consist of mixed - sulfides, are often

  • beneficiation of copper iron and aluminium ores

    Beneficiation Plant,Beneficiation Process of India. … is a kind of aluminum , as it oxide. Beneficiation plant in india

  • Which ore contains both iron and copper? a Cuprite b

    Feb 13, 2019 — Your Answer: bChalcopyrite CuFeS2 is which and . Hope this helps uh.. Mark Brainliest 

  • Matte | metallurgy | Britannica

    Matte, crude mixture of molten sulfides formed as an intermediate product of the smelting of sulfide ores of metals, especially , nickel, and lead.Instead of being smelted directly to metal, ores are usually smelted to matte, preferably containing 40–45 percent along with and sulfur, which is then treated by converting in a Bessemer-type converter

  • Copper extraction - Wikipedia

    extraction refers to the methods used to obtain from its ores.The conversion of consists of a series of physical and electrochemical processes. Methods have evolved and vary with country depending on source, local environmental regulations, and other factors.. As in all mining operations, must usually be beneficiated concentrated

  • What is stronger, iron or copper? - Quora

    is produced in a blast furnace through a chemical reaction by smelting the . The is then further refined through additional melting and blending processes to create products below: Cast is another type of alloy that can be r

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