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A wellbore cleanup tool is run on . It has an onboard power supply and circulation pump. Inlet flow is at the lower end into an inlet pipe that keeps up fluid velocity. The inlet pipe opens to a surrounding annular volume for containment and the fluid continues through a and into the pump for eventual exhaust back into the water in the wellbore

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  • MUDGARD Workstring Filter Mitigates BHA Failure in Seven

    Challenge: Protect debris-susceptible bottomhole assembly components from fluid-borne circulation debris while drilling extended-reach wells. Solution: Incorporate a MUDGARD workstring filter directly above critical equipment to and retain damaging debris. Results: Captured more than 4,700 g of debris over seven runs. Eliminated NPT and avoidable failures caused by debris in

  • Well Intervention - TAM International

    Successfully a 5 5/8 in. 143.0 mm OD Scab Liner across the section of corroded casing above the perforated producing interval. Used to run and a 2 1/2 in. 63.5 mm OD Retrievable Bridge Plug above the lower perforated interval to isolate water production. A cement plug was dump bailed above the BP to ensure long term integrity

  • DUAL MAGNUMDISK™ - Nine Energy Service

    sub is run on the bottom of the tubing and/or below a packer to isolate the tubing and act as a barrier to hydraulic packers. After all tests are performed, the MagnumDisks™ are knocked out using a Magnum Go-Devil Drop Bar, coiled tubing, , or line. Once the disks are

  • Integrated Rotary Steerable BHA Saves 9 Drilling Days in

    Slimhole well needed in unconsolidated formation. Attempting to drill 6-in horizontals through an unconsolidated formation with a conventional RSS, an operator encountered a number of challenges in West Africa. The RSS system in use produced an insufficient build rate, resulting in the need to use a motor to land the well

  • Case Study : Screen repair to eliminate Sand production

    repair to eliminate production Expandable Steel Patches on CT Offshore Caspian sea Context In an open-hole gravel pack completion 5in18, two producing zones were localized thanks to permanently installed optical fiber. 48 157ft and 24m 79ft needed to be sealed, but the riser length limited the maximum possible patch

  • US20100258297A1 - Slickline Conveyed Debris Management

    US20100258297A1 US12/686,903 US68690310A US2010258297A1 US 20100258297 A1 US20100258297 A1 US 20100258297A1 US 68690310 A US68690310 A US 68690310A US 2010258297 A1 US2010258297 A

  • Fishing Junk Basket and Retrieving Bridge Plug

    The plug was successfully conveyed to depth using a Well Tractor® and then using a Baker setting tool run below. After the production packer was , a run, comprising a Bottom Hole Assembly dummy string and roller bogies to take the to depth, was run in hole

  • How Long Do Mesh Screens Last on Floor Sanding? | Home

    Life Expectancy. The two grits you most commonly use to flooring finishes are 120- and 150-grit. If you give the finish plenty of time to dry or you thoroughly clean an existing

  • 3M Ceramic Sand Screens

    problems as a result of reduced reservoir pressure. They can be in most standard well completions and offer the opportunity to produce reserves that would otherwise have been lost. Solution The technology of 3M TM Ceramic Control Systems improves the known wire wrap principle by taking advantage of the unique

  • Selective Fracturing of a Series of Perforations in a

  • METROL SEA-SCREEN Coarse Strainer | Schlumberger

    Water enters the METROL SEA- coarse strainer into the bottom of the strainer basket, passes vertically upward, and then proceeds radially outward through the strainer . The precise, laser-manufactured slots in the spiral-wound wedge wire are

  • Slickline Services | Staroffshore Energy Nigeria Limited

    STAR OFFSHORE ENERGY NIG LTD acquired single drum and double drum wireline units which are capable of running 0.108 inch and 0.125 , 3/16 inch and 5/16 inch galvanized dyform braided line. Our units are versatile and can be deployed in deep water, shallow water, swamp or land wireline operations. The units have very small foot prints and are very light weight, some weighing less than

  • Slickline conveyed debris management system - Baker Hughes

    The inlet pipe opens to a surrounding annular volume for containment and the fluid continues through a and into the pump for eventual exhaust back into the water in the wellbore. A modular structure is envisioned to add debris carrying capacity. ... a tool such as a packer or a bridge plug is by a conveyed setting tool

  • Hunting Energy Services | Thru-Tubing Technology

    Tools E-Line Tools Mechanical Plant Thru-Tubing Technology ... The Hunting Annular circulation sub is run above a and creates a flow path from the tubing into the annulus above so that fluid can be circulated above the tool string while running in hole. ... simply down weight allowing the slip to collapse into the bore. When

  • Siva Raj Periasamy - Account Manager - Petronas PMO

    * Thru-Tubing system For CTU , E-line & deployment system * Slick-plug , , velocity string , PB valve storm choke , WDCL Well damage control line system * ALS gas lift system , Well Tracer system , gasLIFT packoff , insert strings

  • BHI OptiPort combined with Optifrac SureSet enables 49

  • Principles of Screening and Sizing


     · There are your basic options, the 50 micron that rips in like 10 runs or unbleached coffee filters that constantly have blowout issues. But Im not satisfied with either of these options, there is your silk but that only comes in at about 100 micron and the coffee filters blow that out of the water at 25 micron

  • US8210251B2 - Slickline conveyed tubular cutter system

    FIG. 9 shows using a 400 conveyed motor to a mechanical packer 403. The tool 400 includes a disconnect 30 , a battery 34 , a control unit 401 and a motor unit 402 . The motor unit can be a linear motor, a motor with a power screw or any other similar arrangements

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