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The effect of carbon dioxide and nitrogen on pyrite ...

The effect of carbon dioxide and nitrogen on pyrite ...

The recovery of is Keywords: chronoamperometry, collectorless flotation, freshly fractured electrodes, hydrophobicity, oxidation, pyrite, voltammetry 1. INTRODUCTION

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  • Towards Understanding the Role of Surface Gas

    Contact angles measured with the sessile drop of cold water were found to increase when enhancing the support temperature from 0 to 80 °C for sphalerite and silica, and to pass a maximum at 40-60 °C for galena and FeS 2 probably due to of sulfides. The temperature pretreatment depressed the recovery of sulfides in

  • Collectorless flotation - MIM Holdings Limited

    However, as indicated above, if proceeds too far, thiosalt and eventually sulphate may form from the sulfur which may react with a metal ion in the solution forming metal sulphide. This is a perennial problem with conventional production mechanical cells when attempting

  • Kinetic Studies of Sulfide Mineral Oxidation and Xanthate

    The major reasons for the undesired flotation are attributed to the collectorless hydrophobicity and the activation with heavy metal ions. To better understand the collectorless hydrophobicity of pyrite, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy EIS of freshly fractured pyrite electrodes was used to study the oxidation and reduction of the mineral

  • Collectorless Flotation of Oxidized Pyrite | Request PDF

    In this regard, the The oxidized pyrite was ultrasonically

  • Mini Pilot Plant in Mining & Mineral Processing

    The requirement seems to be related to the degree of . The phenomena has been termed “ ” or “self-induced” . One of the minerals most responsive to is chalcopyrite, while and sphalerite show little response and galena shows intermediate response

  • Potential control flotation of galena in strong alkaline

    The electrochemical of galena in and collector systems, particularly in strong alkaline media, was studied. The results show that, with pH value higher than 12.5 and potentials below 0.17 V, the products of galena are elemental sulfur and HPbO 2 −.Elemental sulfur was present on the mineral surface in excess of lead species due to

  • JME - CiteSeerX

    of Chalcocite in , which has no precedent, and reducing conditions. Cyclic voltammetry was used in order to recognize the surface species that are responsible for the of Chalcocite. S ... of , International

  • Influence of the Interaction between Sphalerite and Pyrite

    In this paper, the effect of on the activation of sphalerite was investigated by micro- , copper adsorption experiments, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy XPS, and electrochemical measurement. The micro- test results showed that the recovery and rate of sphalerite with copper sulphate as activator and butyl xanthate as collector were significantly decreased

  • Collectorless flotation of oxidized pyrite - ScienceDirect

     · According to the micro-flotation results, the collectorless flotation recoveries of and similar at all pH values tested. With increasing sonication time, the flotation recovery of oxidized pyrite increased, depending on ultrasonic treatment time up to 60 min sonication, and varied with pH

  • Collectorless Flotation of Sulphide Minerals: Mineral

    is reviewed from the viewpoint of classical studies through to modern electrochemical, surface chemical and spectroscopic investigations coupled with studies. Sulphide minerals apparently oxidize through a continuum of metal deficient sulphides of decreasing metal content through to elemental sulphur

  • Surface Analytical Studies of Oxidation and Collector

     · S. Kelebek, G. W. Smith: of galena and chalcopyrite: correlation between rate and the amount of extracted sulfur

  • How oxidation affects selective flotation of complex

     · AbstractSelective of complex sulphide ores containing Cu-Pb-Zn-Fe sulphide minerals is very difficult. is one of the most important factors.The of complex sulphide ore is found to be enhanced by the presence of . Pyritic complex sulphide ore sometimes behaves like elemental sulphur in . Such troublesome behaviour is often experienced for

  • PDF A review of pyrrhotite flotation chemistry in the

    Natural/ of pyrrhotite is observed only under a low potential in acidic solution. Its surface is easily to ferric hydroxide/oxide under conventional conditions, creating a hydrophilic state at the pyrrhotite surface and low recovery even though xanthate collectors can be adsorbed

  • Pyrite Oxidation Kinetics - How Fast does Pyrite Oxidize

    has been studied extensively, in the past, because of its importance in sulfide mineral separations by , in the generation of acid in mine waters and in leaching of . The of also plays key role in supergene alteration of ore deposits, the formation of acid sulfate soils, etc. is generally recognized as a complicated process

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