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Comparing PCB Surface Finishes   ACDI

Comparing PCB Surface Finishes ACDI

Our exemplary clients who are currently using the vertical type Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold include Korea Circuit, LG Innotek, Interflex, and Samsung Electronics. The are enclosed with fire-resistant materials and the exhaust systems are connected to all chemical tanks to ensure a safe environment

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  • electroless nickel immersion gold - electroless nickel

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  • What is ENEPIG Plating? - PCB Directory

     · ENEPIG Palladium is a type of surface plating applied on a Printed Circuit Board to protect it from environmental factors during storage and operation. ENEPIG is prepared by depositing Ni 3-5 μm, followed by Palladium Pd 0.05-0.1μm, and an layer Au 0.03-0.05 μm

  • PCB Plating: The Complete Guide of Plating Techniques in PCB

    3.3 ENIG The process involves something relatively simple. So, it refers to a situation where a thin layer coats over a thin layer. Also, this thin layer serves as a barrier to the PCB plating. Plus, this area is where you’ll find the soldered components

  • Gold Plating | Connectors & Interconnect Finishes

    AUTRONEX is a -hardened process that is production-proven to significantly reduce consumption, while preventing bleed out in low current density areas. The high efficiency process produces uniform, mirror-bright yellow deposits that exhibit low porosity and a high purity rate, with outstanding wear and corrosion resistance

  • Selection of Surface Treatment Process - PCB Manufacturing

     · The electroless nickel/immersion gold process is different from the organic coating. It is mainly used on boards with connection functional requirements and long shelf life, such as the keypad of the mobile phone, the edge connection area of the router housing, and electrical contact area of the chip processor elastically connected

  • SMTA Europe Solder Finish Webinar Addresses Defects Causes

     · Willis began with detailed descriptions of PCB surface finish options and their typical attributes and applications, together with their relevant IPC specifications: IPC-4552 for / ENIG, IPC-4553 for silver, IPC-4554 for tin, IPC-4555 for organic solderability preservative OSP, and IPC

  • Lead‐Free Printed Wiring Board Surface Finishes - Lead

    The choice of a final finish is controlled by the original manufacturer or the electronic manufacturing service. / ENIG is still the dominant finish in the PWB market. This chapter describes the final finishing processes: lead‐free hot air solder leveling HASL, high temperature organic

  • Electroless Nickel Plating Chemistry for Industrial

    Plating Chemistry for Industrial Finishing. Technic offers state-of-the-art plating chemistry for industrial surface finishing applications.. The plating process does not involve applying electricity directly to the metal surface instead, it relies on the oxidation-reduction red-ox reaction between and phosphorous allowed by the catalyst

  • Electroless Nickel Processes and Brighteners | Uyemura

    KTY from the research labs of Uyemura-Japan is the world’s first “heavy metal –free” EN. Lead, cadmium and other heavy metals traditionally used for adding brightness and stability have been eliminated. Learn about the “High Performance Characteristics of a Lead and Cadmium-Free ”. Nimuden® ANP substantially improves plating onto aluminum

  • Final finishing - Atotech

    The latest highest reliability requirements demand a high performance electroless nickel and immersion gold . The new IPC specification 4552B has refocused the industry with reference to nickel corrosion. It could clearly be shown that is able to cope the demands of this spec

  • Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold - Superior Processing

    This is a brief description of our ENIG process: Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold ENIG is a superior finish to other immersion finishes and organic coatings for excellent coverage, uniformity and fine-pitch features. The process has excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength for good solderability and

  • Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold ENIG | Hofstetter

    / ENIG Modern plant control and automatic dosing equipment are preconditions for constant quality of the separation. Differen baskets are available for a multitude of format sizes and thicknesses. Dimensions. max. 630 x 605 mm. min. 100 x 200 mm. Board thickness


    results in some damage in the layer below the palladium deposit. Of the three deposited metals the is the least noble. Any access the may find to the will result in dissolution in the solution. Excess dwell time in the

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