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Sodium Sulfide Nonahydrate | AMERICAN ELEMENTS

Sodium Sulfide Nonahydrate | AMERICAN ELEMENTS

is manufactured and sold as a yellow, solid flake with a sulfurous rotten egg smell. Typical physical properties are provided in Table 1. is used in many industries for example, the pulp and paper industry and in leather to remove hair from hides

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  • Sodium sulfate

    sulfate also known as sulphate or sulfate of soda is the inorganic compound with formula Na 2 SO 4 as well as several related hydrates.All forms are white solids that are highly soluble in water. With an annual production of 6 million tonnes, the decahydrate is a major commodity chemical product. It is mainly used for the manufacture of detergents and in the kraft process of

  • Sodium sulfide >= 99.99 % trace metals | 1313-84-4 | Sigma

    nonahydrate ≥99.99% trace metals basis Synonym: Disodium nonahydrate, enneahydrate CAS Number . Linear Formula ·9H 2 O . Molecular Weight 240.18 . EC Number 215-211-5. MDL number MFCD00149184. PubChem Substance ID

  • PDF Optimization of Sodium Hydrosulfide Synthesis for

    Conclusion specifically .5H 2 O crystals of the biphasic mixture is produced from a solution of sulfhydrate 43% NaHS and aqueous hydroxide 50% NaOH

  • Hydrogen Sulfide in Drinking-water

    respectively, for Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances, 1989, unpublished data. Short-term exposure Dimethyl given daily at an oral dose of 250 mg/kg of body weight for 14 weeks was found to produce no ill effects in rats. This dose is

  • Sodium sulfide Na2S Reactions

    Properties of : White, melts without decomposition, heat-resistant. Anhydrous powder is pyrophoric in dry air. Readily soluble in water strong hydrolysis on the anion. High reactivity, in moist state oxidized by oxygen of air, attaches sulfur. Decomposes by acids. Typical reductant

  • Sodium sulfide Na2Sx - Substance Information - ECHA

    Mol. formula: . ... Release to the environment of this substance can occur from industrial use: as aid, as aid, for thermoplastic manufacture, as an intermediate step in further manufacturing of another substance use of intermediates, in aids at industrial sites, in the production of articles and of

  • Recent News & Price Update - Barium Sulphate Precipitated

     · a. in the reducing step b. Potassium/ dichromate in the oxidation step. Both these chemicals are potentially hazardous for the environment , but can be replaced by environment friendly , less polluting chemicals such as,For reducing baths, 1. sulfhydrate and alkali soda or caustic 2. hydrosulphite and

  • 12 Chemicals Used in the Tanning Process - AZ Chemistry

     · 3. serves to remove the hair. This can happen because the sulphide compound can break the sulphide bridge from the keratin or feather compounds so that the feathers fall out. 4. Chalk CaOH 2 Lime function is to store oil or fat in the skin, lime duty can transport the remaining protein in the skin. 5

  • sodium sulfide 60, sodium sulfide 60 Suppliers and offers 1,358 60 products. About 39% of these are , 0% are Sulphate. A wide variety of 60 options are available to


    is a white to yellow crystalline material dissolved in water, flammable. Can explode on rapid heating or when shocked. Violent reaction with carbon, charcoal, diazonium salts, N,N-dichloromethylamine, strong oxidizers, water. On contact with acids it liberates highly toxic and flammable hydrogen gas

  • Solubility Sodium sulfide. Solubility Na2S. Properties

    More information about . Solubility in water, ethanol, . To find more information like chemical properties, structure, melting point, boiling point, density, molecular formula, molecular weight, physical properties and toxicity information

  • Sodium hydrogen sulphide anhydrous

    Long term low level exposure to hydrogen may produce headache, fatigue, dizziness, irritability and loss of sexual desire. These symptoms may also result when exposed to hydrogen at high concentration for a short period of time. Section 3 - COMPOSITION / INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS NAME CAS RN % hydrosulfide 16721-80-5 >95

  • China Sodium Sulphide, Sodium Sulphide Manufacturers

    The above is the search results for Chinese Sulphide, click for more recommended manufacturers & suppliers listings such as , , chemical. The global chemicals industry faces economic and environmental pressures, thats why many of our suppliers like Sulphide factory are always innovating to provide more effective

  • SODIUM SULFIDE MSDS - NuVest Chemicals

    MSDS SAFETY DATA SHEET 1: Chemical Product Identification Product Name: sulphide Catalogue Codes: SLS4600 CAS#: 1313-82-2 RTECS: WE1925000 TSCA: TSCA 8b inventory: sulphide CI#: Not available. Synonym: Chemical Name: sulfuret Chemical Formula: .xH2O sulphide 1313-82-2 100 2

  • Sodium Sulfide Nonahydrate USP NF Reagent Manufacturers

    or more commonly its hydrate ·9H2O are colorless water-soluble salts that give strongly alkaline solutions. When exposed to moist air, and its hydrates emit hydrogen , which smells like rotten eggs. Some commercial samples are specified as ·xH2O, where a weight percentage of is specified.Commonly available grades have around 60% by weight

  • China Sodium Sulphide manufacturer, Sodium Sulphate

    Chemical Formula Sulphide/ Sulphide 60%/ Uses in Leather Industry CAS 1313-82-2 Contact now Jinan Runqiang Chemical Co., Ltd


    Solution Do not taste or swallow. Avoid skin contact. Use only with adequate ventilation. Wash thoroughly after handling. _____ _____ 3. INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS C0MPONENT CAS # EXPOSURE LIMITS % BY WT 1313-82-2 No ACGIH TLV or OSHA PEL ca 10 -12 established for

  • Products - Tykhe Chemicals

    Flakes - Red/Yellow is the chemical compound with the formula and it has an antfluorite structure. It’s a red/yellow appearance, water-soluble salts that give strongly alkaline solutions. When exposed to moist air, emit hydrogen , which smells like rotten eggs. Applications Used in leather industry

  • Sodium Sulfite 15% Solution - Ineos

    sulfite is a 15% solution of sulfite with the chemical formula Na 2 SO 3.. INEOS Calabrian is an on purpose Sulfite producer. The product is consistent and has a narrow specification because it is produced on demand and derived from our SO 2 Clean®. On purpose production ensures reliability of supply

  • price of sodium sulfide na2s, price of sodium sulfide na2s

    About product and suppliers: 1,672 price of products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which accounts for 40%, pharmaceutical intermediates accounts for 1%, and syntheses material intermediates accounts for 1%

  • Sodium sulfide >= 60 %, scales | 27610-45-3 | Sigma-Aldrich

    hydrate ≥60%, scales CAS Number . Empirical Formula Hill Notation · xH 2 O . Molecular Weight 78.04 anhydrous basis EC Number 215-211-5. MDL number MFCD00003498. PubChem Substance ID 57647096. NACRES

  • Sodium sulfide - YouTube

     · is the chemical compound with the formula , or more commonly its hydrate ·9H2O. Both are colorless water-soluble salts that give strongly alkaline solutions

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