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Blue black or white gold? | Panda Community

Blue black or white gold? | Panda Community

 · For more than 24 hours now, people across social media have been arguing about whether a picture thats gone viral shows a dress that is with a lace fringe or with a

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  • The Black and Blue, White and Gold Dress - ZENIA

    If you see black and blue your retina’s cones are higher functioning which results in your eyes doing “subtractive mixing”. If you see white and gold your eyes don’t work very well in dim light so the retina rods see white making them less light sensitive which causes “addictive mixing” of

  • Not again! Are these flip flops blue and gold or white and

     · Its unclear what color the flip flops actually are, but a poll on BuzzFeed shows 42 per cent see the shoes as and , 25 per cent see and and 14 per cent see and

  • The dress of many colours: is it blue and black or white

    Based on correct -balancing, we can confirm that the dress is and sorry and die-hards, but ultimately, visual perception is in the eye of the brain holder. Luckily for the New Statesman, Ed Miliband established Labours position on the - and - spectrum:

  • Blue/Black or White/Gold - Storms Costume

    Blue/Black or White/Gold - Storms Costume. A lot of people keep talking about Storms "white costume" -- the problem is, its not white, its black! Its always been black leather and any white you see is just light reflecting off it because black leather is shiny! Blame it on the cartoon

  • The Dress: White and Gold or Black and Blue? | Time

    But that still doesn’t quite explain why the image appears and to some and and to others. Probably eye, light, mind tricks, but hopefully scientists of the world are hard

  • Why Is It So Hard To See Black & Blue With This Gold

     · It was the dress that it seemed like the entire world was talking about. and ? Or and ? Pretty well every social media platform was blowing up over the debate that became widely known as ‘#TheDress.’ With International Women’s Day just around the corner, Ireland/ Davenport, a Johannesburg-based ad agency, decided to […]

  • What color is this dress: Blue&Black or White&Gold

     · Im sorry, I dont see any of that. All I can tell is this dress is and goldish brown, with tint from the lighting. The fact that people see is

  • Media That Debated Blue/black Or White/gold Dress - CodyCross

    CodyCross Media That Debated Or Dress Exact Answer for Performing Arts Group 896 Puzzle 1

  • The Science of Why No One Agrees on the Color of This

     · He saw blue in the highlights, telling him that the white he was seeing was blue, and the gold was black. And when Harris reversed the process, balancing to the darkest pixel in the image, the

  • What color is THE DRESS?? Blue & Black or White & Gold?? #

    What color is the dress? #TheDress is a worldwide phenomenon. Some people see The Dress as and while others see it as and . Let me expla

  • Is it Black & Blue or White & Gold? This Dress has Got

    Now the thing is going from and to and …Iya mmi. Reply. Cest moi. February 27, 2015 at 1:43 pm . It has changed before my very eyes from to . Must be

  • Blue or gold? What that dress tells us about our

     · When a user on the social media site Tumblr posted a photo of the now infamous / – / dress that was later picked up on Buzzfeed, it started an

  • Are You The Blue & Black Dress or The White & Gold Dress?

     · Youre the and dress, the true colors of this dress! You are dark, mysterious, and love to keep people guessing. You dont mind if people mistake you for and , because you dont even give a glance to the haters

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